Netlogix is taking the cloud phenomenon to another level. We’ve got the power to service both small-medium businesses as well as the largest organisations in the country. We partner with premier supply partners and manufacturers to offer a platform, applications and solutions to assist you in embracing the cloud.

Specialising in Peplink’s range of multi-WAN, mobile and fixed line routers, we can provide any size company with next generation connectivity solutions to address the three main connectivity challenges : Speed, Reliability and Cost. Peplink’s Speedfusion technology does for Software Defined (SD) WAN, what VMware did for Server virtualization.

We are one of a few qualified and highly specialised VMware partners in Southern Africa. Not only can we give you a state of the art, highly redundant hosting platform, but we are in a very unique position to also supply you with a Super Fast, Redundant connection to your hosted servers by making use of Peplink’s class leading Speedfusion SD Wan bonding technology.

At Netlogix we choose the very best solution for each client and can deliver managed ICT services through the cloud to customers of any size in any location.


Super-fast, always on Internet connectivity and Software Defined (SD) WAN solutions, powered by Peplink, enables us to provide connectivity solutions that can take any network to the next level and save you money doing it. The Peplink range of multi-WAN routers enable you to easily manage multiple Internet links behind a single gateway to ensure you get the best out of your connectivity. Features like Hot Failover, Speedfusion Internet Bonding and Bonded VPN Connectivity are some of the features that made Peplink a favourite amongst those in the know. Our multi WAN routers comes in different shapes and sizes allowing you to connect from two to thirteen Internet links of various technologies like ADSL, Fiber, WiMax, 3G/LTE, V-Sat etc.

Software Defined (SD) WAN allows you to use the patented Speedfusion technology to build bonded site to site VPN links using multiple fixed line or mobile links to improve performance, increase reliability and save on costs. Gone are the days of being tied into expensive, long term MPLS contracts to link your branches. Opening a new branch or moving ? By using our mobile routers, you no longer have to wait for your telco provider to install lines. Simply use multiple LTE connections to join the new site to your existing SD WAN.

Peplink products are user friendly and easy to configure. We do provide product training for your entire team, but you are welcome to also talk to us about a managed solution.

Visit or contact us for more details and pricing. We also have a very well-supported and active dealer channel.

  • CloudMonitoringandMaintenence
    Manage all your virtual, fixed and mobile devices from a single cloud platform with advanced administration tools, unprecedented device visibility and comprehensive reporting. This includes Bonded VPN, Bandwidth and Firmware Management with full Client Overview.
  • PhysandVirtHosting
    In the future Software-Defined Data Centers will be hybrid. Workloads will be a mix of traditional and modern application architectures. They will be provisioned in a mix of physical and virtual environments, managed both on-premises and in public clouds. We provide IT as a Service.
  • WebHosting
    Local hosting at our high-security data centre means backup generators, high up-time and complete peace of mind.
  • OnlineBackups
    Securely backup your important information to a rock solid, offsite data-centre that features redundant connectivity, power and cooling. A cost effective and affordable service using enterprise-class hardware.
  • TraditionalInternetConnectivity
    We deploy WAN virtualization whereby a logical WAN connection can use multiple connectivity typologies (ADSL, MPLS, 3G/LTE, VSAT and Fibre) at the same time and presents this connectivity to users and applications as a single direct to Internet or secure site to site connection.
  • Disaster-Recovery
    Hybrid Cloud solutions that replicate both on-site and to off-site data centers. These solutions provide the ability to instantly fail-over to local on-site hardware, but in the event of a physical disaster, servers can be brought up in cloud data centers as well.
  • ICTStrategies
    Client specific consultation and project planning. Aligning technology with business goals. Enables ICT systems to be fully integrated, with organisation-wide management. The needs of our customers are fully considered and satisfied, building long-term relationships.
  • EmailArchivingHosting
    Cloud email archiving gives our customers access to an affordable, scalable and feature-rich hosted email archiving service with search and retrieval capabilities.
  • NetworkDesignConsulting
    Stable network infrastructure is paramount. We have the tools and the know-how to offer you efficient scalable network solutions that match your size, need and future direction.
  • ISP-Services
    With the number of ISP’s available in Africa and varying services offered by them, we’ve learnt how to embrace the challenge, building contacts to smooth out support issues. Crucial interaction is needed with these ISP’s to ensure optimal network performance.
  • UnifiedThreatManagement
    Fortinet is the only company with independently top-rated security components. From endpoint and access through data center and cloud—designed to work together as an integrated security fabric to provide true end-to-end protection for our customers.
  • PublicSafety
    Cellular Backhaul for Video Surveillance with cellular connections from multiple providers. First Responders and Patrol Vehicles can remotely monitor situations in real-time by combining the bandwidth of multiple cellular links.
  • Education
    Combine multiple commodity links to add affordable bandwidth onto existing networks. Use MediaFast Caching and 802.11ac Access Points to deliver content lightning fast to a roomful of iPads simultaneously using minimal bandwidth.
  • Transportation
    Offer Passenger Wi-Fi on buses and taxis with our rugged MAX Routers. Use Social Wi-Fi to get passenger insights or connect to an ad server for an additional revenue stream.
  • Retail
    An hour of downtime can cost you thousands of Rands. Ensure that your POS transactions always go through by deploying a combination of landlines and cellular for failover with our MAX Routers.
  • FinancialSector
    Connect your ATM’s and Branches using a combination of fixed and cellular connections to ensure that it always stays up. Packet-level VPN provides an extra layer of security and achieves PCI DSS compliance.
  • Broadcasting
    Smooth Video and Radio broadcasting with WAN Smoothing technology, capable of reconstructing lost packets, thereby keeping your live stream smooth and clear. Combine multiple cellular connections for more “pipe” and redundancy.
  • TelcoTechnologySector
    Add value to your existing Client Services by solving connectivity issues with SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding. Offer Unbreakable VPN using cheap commodity internet connections.
  • BranchNetworkiong
    Bond multiple low cost internet links from any service provider to aggregate bandwidth at branch sites. Use advanced quality of service to control bandwidth usage and centrally manage wireless access points. Increase bandwidth and save thousands in the process.


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